C/Alfonso XIII, nº 2 - 1º - Local 2
29640 Fuengirola Málaga
Mob: (34) 629 383 239
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We would like to highlight the following services:

  • Constitution of the Community.
  • Legalization of the Book of Acts of the Community.
  • Registration with the State Agency of the Tax Administration for obtaining NIF.
  • Elaboration of the annual expenditure budget.
  • Individualized accounting, following the General Accounting Plan system, adapted to communities of owners, as if it were the management of a company, with a general ledger account of the accounts that comprise it, account of individualized owners, balance sheets, as well as account of Exploitation or results, available to all owners.
  • Issuance and collection management of the monthly, quarterly receipts corresponding to the Regular or Extraordinary Budget.
  • Management of receipts domiciled or through the Internet, bank commissions with less costs than the standard for the management of this process, with consequent annual savings in the budget of the bank expenses.
  • Control and payment of the economic obligations of the community (suppliers, local, autonomous or state administrations, etc.)
  • Periodically informing the statement of accounts to all owners, although it may be sent at regular intervals, as required by members of the community or its board of directors.
  • Opening of current account in the name of the Community of Owners, with the recognition of the signatures authorized for their disposal, as established by the members of the community itself.
  • Management of claims, which may occur to the Community, with the insurance company of the same, performing a continuous monitoring until completion.
  • Free legal consultation service, for issues related to the owners community. Note: possible actions if they were to be carried out, estimated cost for legal services and expenses of attorneys, etc.
  • Management related to communities before the Official Organizations (instances, applications, etc.).
  • Meeting room available in the administration office for small communities.
  • Custody of the assets owned by the community and under the control of the administration:

1 - Books of proceedings.
2 - Contracts of suppliers.
3 - Money that is administered is kept in cash (daily income produced by the client, immediately entering into the current accounts opened by them).
4 - Daily accounting documentation and closed exercises.

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